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  Ciao...sono Bruno Pellegrini.
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"A couragous man is not scared of what scares him"

"I race to race because I love to do it if i win, even better !"

The Biography of a Champion

Pure blood Romagnolo, Renzo Pasolini was born July 18, 1938 in Rimini, his destiny as a motorcyclist was evident from the first moment: his father, Massimo, in fact, was one of the most valued Italian motorcycle pilots around the time of World War II, and in 1956 he had established a kilometre and mile world record in the 75cm3 class, with an Aermacchi. Even though his father was a speed racer, Pasolini in 1958 dedicated his first years to motorcross, but shortly afterwards he moved to asphalt, the specialty that would have given him his biggest rewards in motorcycle riding.

The first important results are his two victories with the 175 cadets in 1962, but followed the year with lesser important in which he only made second place. 1964 proved to be a come back year, and with a victories in the junior 175, “Paso” earned his senior title. With the official Aermacchi he attacked the the world race and racing in the 250, 350 and 500 he was honoured, arriving fourth in the GP in Holland. Improving his race he came in third in Holland in ’66, and third at the end of the 350 world; but, above all, in the same season he moved to the Benelli, the bike with which he became a legend.

His debut with the motorcycle from Pesaro, substituting at the Tourist Trophy, brought on the victory in an Italian 500 championship race; during the first race of the previous season in Modena Pasolini beat Agostini. It was then that the rivalry which fired the passionate Italians, and in particular, those from the Adriatic Riviera, theatre of numerous challenges on circuits made of city streets between the two champions.

Generally, on the streets, it is "Paso" who prevails, while on the circuits the balance leans towards "Ago". The Romagnolo, though, defended himself like lion, with courage and generosity, and in 1968 his is second in the world 350. He stepped back a bit in the following season with an injury and give his place to Carruthers: Returning to his seat he won in Holland, Germany and Czechoslovakia, but alas, falls again in Finland and the 250 title goes to his team mate. Pasolini remained with Benelli another year, but in the end of 1970 he left the company to return to Aermacchi, which now is called Aermacchi-Harley Davidson. The debut came along in the spring of 1971 with a 250 derived from the 125 Golden Wings with enthusiastic first results, enough to inspire the team to develop a motorcycle and build a 350 version. In 1972 the Riminese pilot won three GP and lost the world 250 by only one point, coming in third in the 350. The title is at this point within his reach, the generous “Paso” is waiting for victories more grand than those already won; instead he unfortunately meets his death in a fatal accident in 1973, the day of the debut on the course with the HD 350 who’s end came along with its’ pilot, in the terrible crash of the National GP in Monza in which Jarno Saarinen also lost his life.

Roberto Patrignani

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